Our Team

Meet our excellent Team:

 My name is Nyoman and i am working in the Spiral Spa.
I love my work, the team and my working environment. To work with guests, in this natural and professional environment is a very good experience for me. As well the way the spa is managed, creates a nice and peaceful athmosphere.
I am looking forward to welcome you.
Om Swastiastu

 My name is Made and i am very happy to work in the Spiral Spa, especially because of the new knowledge i am receiving here. I like that the company invests so much time in our training and education. The fact that we have a lot of guests and the very positive feedback's we are receiving are a very good motivation for me. The other team members are like friends for me and i am happy to work in this nice environment.

Selamat Datang di Spiral Spa

 My name is Ketut and i love the challenge Spiral Spa offered to me. It was a new experience to learn about all the different kind of massages & body treatments we offer, but i love it.
I like if our guests are happy and when we can relieve their tensions. I love to work here and enjoy the nice atmosphere in the spa.

I hope to welcome you soon.

Hello my name is Olive and i joined the Spiral Spa, since the opening. Although i had prior experience with massage and beauty care, i love the work as Therapist here, because it brought me to complete new level of  working. The knowledge and skills i developed here while working are one of my main motivation. I further like the possibility to improve my english and communication skills. The many good comments i am receiving from our guests, make me proud of the work i do.

I hope to welcome you soon.