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Padang Bai, Bali, Spiral Spa @ Bloo, Clove essential oil

Padang Bai,Bali,Spiral Spa @ Bloo

Clove essential oil


In this Blog Spiral Spa @ Bloo, Padang Bai, Bali wants to introduce to Clove essential oil.

1.) Origin of Clove essential oil:

Cloves are originally native to Indonesia, and cultivated in Indonesia for more than 2000 years for different purposes. Apart from its uses for food flavorings, parts of the plants are used in the production of the in Indonesia very famous Kretek Cigarets. It plays as well an important use in Indian Ayurveda Medicine and in Indonesian Jamu. Clove essential oil is produced by steam distillation, and due to the fact that not just the quite expensive clove buds, but as well the leaves are used, it is a relatively cheap essential oil.

2.) Properties of Clove essential oil:

Clove essential oil has a pale yellow color and an intensive smell, it is very strong and can’t be used undiluted.

3.) Precautions for use:

Clove essential oil is a very interesting essential oil and you can work with it in many different ways, but you should handle it very carefully!!! (General information about essential oils:click here )
Clove essential oil should never, used undiluted doesn’t matter for what purpose and we from Spiral Spa @ Bloo, Padang Bai, Bali would not recommend to use it for kids or to use it internal. For internal use, the use of fresh or dried plant parts is recommended.
Some of the side effects of Clove essential oil can be nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, burns in mouth, throat, eyes and sensitive parts of the skin, sore throat, seizures, difficulty breathing, rapid heartbeat, sleepiness, intestinal bleeding and liver and kidney failure. Be aware that most of this issues just occur in case of internal usage or if used undiluted. But as well the Therapist that might be using it for blending massage oil is at risk and we suggest wearing cloves, to avoid direct skin contact. Essential oils are very easy absorbed by the skin and can be proven in the urine 20 minutes after use. Blending it without cloves might lead to skin contact in a undiluted form!!

4.) Use:

If handled in a proper way clove or clove essential oil can be very interesting for use in the Spa.
In Aromatherapy it is best to vaporize clove essential oil and it can be used to ease symptoms of coughs, colds, asthma and sinusitis.
But apart from that it is as well an excellent choice for a blend in massage oils, because of it strong anti-inflammatory properties that help to remove pain from sore muscles and joint pain and swellings. It further helps to increase blood circulation and helps to improve bad skin conditions like acne.
If mixed with oil ( 8drops/2  ounces carrier oil ) it can help to remove abdominal pain, and to improve digestion.  It is as well used widely in dentist care.
We don’t recommend following any instructions of internal usage but can definitely recommend the traditional use of cloves itself. They can be chewed, to soothe sore throats.  

Another very interesting and helpful usage of clove essential oil, is to fight mold. In Australia it was used after major flooding s and has proven itself as very helpful in destroying mold.
Very few substances can do that!!!  What makes mold a very important essential oil in every house.  

Spiral Spa @ Bloo, Padang Bai, Bali hopes you enjoyed reading.

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